Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Party Group

It's been awhile since I posted an Art Impressions stamp.  No joke, this was not an easy one to color and required many different Copic markers.  I tried to keep the number of markers I used to a minimum but this is a large stamp.  I would suggest that when you do this image that you divide it up into 5 smaller ones.  Small bites.
Remember that when using a stamp you don't have to use all of the image.  This would be a good one to divide up into single or partial images.  All that said, this is a fun stamp and I hope you enjoy it.  Remember Art Impressions stamps can be purchased on line at  if your local stamp store does not carry Art Impressions or ask them to order it for you.  Thanks for reading my blog and I hope that what I post helps you in some way. Have fun and if you can leave me some feedback if you like this stamp!

Party Group

Art Impressions U-1552 "Party Group"
Copic Markers:
Y02    R05     YR16  (flame)
E000   E01     R02    (skin)
B93    B97     B95    (denim)
R81    R83     R85    (dress)
R02    R05     R08    (dress)
V12   V15     V17    (dress)
Y02   Y08               (shirt/balloon)
BG05  BG07           (pants)
BG000  BG01         (balloon)
C1      C2       C3    (hair)
YR16                      (hair)
G12    G14     Y00  (shirt)
E31     E33             (shoes)

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