Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Lawn Ranger

This is a new stamp from Art Impressions. I am not sure if this stamp is available yet but contact Art Impressions  ( 1.800.393.2014) and they will let you know if and when.  You also might want to get your local stamp store to order in a supply.
Today was the workshop at Powdersville Community Church and so I had some time to do some Copic coloring and card making.  Since we just moved into a house after living in our RV for 5 years, we had to get the lawn mower working again...take it out of retirement...and put it back to work.  The grass had grown a foot or more while the repairs were done and with the high temperatures we have been experiencing I dedicate this card to my husband, David.  Sure glad I didn't have to be out there sweating in this 100 degree temps. In the evenings it did cool down to 90. Bless his heart!
The Lawn Ranger

Stamps:  Art Impressions AI People UMT4095
               Art Impressions AI People Happy Birthday UMG4096

Ink: Momento Tuxedo Black

Copic Markers:
E00, E02, E42, E40, E23, E25
BG000, YG91, YG95
C00, C1, C2, C3, C5, C7
R02, R14, R17, R29

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pictures from CHA

Here are a handful of pictures I took...I took 149 plus Micki took pictures too. Got to go help Micki at the store now so will post more later....hope you like them.
Entrance to CHA

Tim signing my copy of his book

Me telling Tim something stupid, I'm sure

Art Impressions booth with Bonnie and Phil Krebs

New Embossing mat

This is the new embossing mat that I mentioned on facebook.  It is distributed by scor-pal ( and will flatten bottle caps, emboss charms, and press flowers on cardstock.  Another tool and us girls love our tools! I was able to purchase one so we can play with it on Thursday. Ok...back to the laundry.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

On the road again....or another day of curses and BLESSINGS!

We started our day at 6am after having 4 hours of sleep.  Had to load up our stuff in the car, lots of stuff, but got everything done in an hour so we had a leisurely breakfast in the hotel lobby waiting for the shuttle to the convention.  Micki and I were the first ones on so we got the two seats up front on the opposite side of the bus driver.
The next stop was the Intercontinental Hotel to pick up other convention Cha goers.  The bus driver slowed down, had his turn signal on to turn right into the hotel and in a split second there was this horrible sqreeching noise. It was then I noticed a white wall flying past us on the right side.  It was a delivery truck and it was forced to go up on the curb and across the front of the bus to the right.  Yep...we had just been in a bus accident! Micki was sitting next to the window and it passed her on the outside with just inches to spare.  My right ear took a couple of hours to return to normal. They got another shuttle to take us on to the convention.  No one had been injured and that was a blessing. Micki took pictures of the bus and I will post them either Friday night or Saturday.
We had a busy next few hours placing orders, taking pictures and trying to look at as much merchandise as we could. Lunches there (and who has time to leave) are very high priced. Sandwich, chips and a cold drink will run you $12 each. The afternoon was just as busy and I would snatch times to sit down and put my feet up.  The Art Impressions booth had a nice area for us to sit at tables and have a snack and rest our feet.  It was during one of those "resting" times that I noticed Colleen Schaan at the AI booth so I went over to say hi. I was introduced to the editor of Card Maker magazine. And guess what....she wants me to send her some of my stuff to publish! I about melted right there on the floor!!  So we will see what happens. Bonnie (Art Impressions owner) told me that they want to feature the Art Impressions line. Now that is a big Blessing!
Micki placed some more orders with product lines some of which you will be familiar with and some you won't but let me tell you that you will love them ALL!
Oh, not to be a name dropper but Micki got to get Tim's autograph and picture. Then she got to do a sample chart of Claudine Helmuth's product so I got Micki's picture with Claudine. Oh, almost forgot, Micki said that Marianne Walker took her order for the Shapes and Shadows Copic book.  We finished out the day back at the Art Impressions booth where Micki was able to pick up some stamps at a really good price and so did I. What a joy it was to get to meet the Kreb's family. They are all just the best and greatest and I want to thank them for all the kindness they showed this grandma at her first Cha.
We are out of Chicago and spending the night at a Comfort Suite...South Carolina we will be back soon!
G'nite my friends!! What-A-Day!!!

Another day at CHA (3)

I am so tired I could sleep standing up! Can't tell you how many miles I have walked on the convention floor and all we hear from the experienced Cha attendees is  how much smaller this convention is compared to years past.  Believe me if this is small I sure don't want to see big.
Micki and I have been up late every night, going thru catalogs and making decisions on what to order. With a whole store to fill (2600 sq. ft.) it is a majorly overwhelming task.  This afternoon Micki closed an order for card stock and specialty paper...250 different ones.  Right now we are looking at Hot Off the Press, Ranger, Heidi Swapp, Little Yellow Bicyle, Canvas Home Basics, Tim Holtz, Just Rite, Graphic 45, Art Impressions, May Arts ribbon, October Afternoon, Plus Corporation (adhesive), Candy Dots, Flower Soft, Heartfelt Creations, Art-C, Purrs and Pants and on and on. You get the idea.  So many to choose from and all the displays are AMAZING!
There are drawings going on all the time...too many to enter for this novice. Make and takes and mini-classes happening all day long at different booths. Trade shows sure are different from the usual conventions I have ever been. Here they practically pull you in to their booth to make deals. You really have to be johnny-on-the-spot to get the freebies. I guess my best freebie was two Tim Holtz aprons.  Went back this morning to try and get more and they were all gone.
Micki has been busy attending marketing and business classes, networking with other experienced and novice store owners and in her spare time meeting with vendors and representatives. We are trying to take small bites of this Big apple but it is so easy to find yourself overwhelmed and head swimming.  I guess my highlight of the day was to spend time visiting with Marianne Walker at the Copic's booth. Speaking of copics, Micki got an email that her huge Copic order and special display has been shipped! Woo hooooo.  It's coming together girls!!
Tomorrow we have to be at the doors of the convention earlier. They open at 9am and close at 4pm.  We have mapped out where we need to go first and who goes where. I knew I should of worn roller skates!!!
Sorry about the long wait on pictures but we will be home Friday night for sure.  We are checking out of the hotel in the morning and then taking the shuttle from the hotel to the convention center.  We should be heading south before 5:00. Hoping and praying that we have done all we could possibly do.
Things are going well at home at the store and the plumber has been there installing a second bathroom (required by code) Russell has installed more slat board and lights. When we get back we will have to hit the floor running to finish decorating and inventorying and putting out product as it comes in.  The cash register is in place, AC is working great, the broken closer on the front door has been repaired. Lots of cleaning and painting was done before we left and the gondolas and paper racks were in put place. Lots and lots going on and hopefully it will all come together the first part of August.
No calamities to report today. It's a wonder because we are both brain dead.  Last day tomorrow.... g'nite.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Adventures at CHA day 2

What an exciting day!  From the crowds waiting for the convention to open and then squeezing thru the entrance like pouring thru a funnel to seeing two Scottish gentlemen in kilts we started the day off in total awe.  Micki and I split up so she could talk to vendors and place orders and I scoped out every vendor I could get to, picking up catalogs, freebes, and doing make and takes.  The convention floor is nothing like I have ever seen even after years of attending scrapbook/stamping conventions. All the displays were so inspiring and yes, I was walking around drooling. Now remember this is a trade show so I personally could buy NOTHING...and at the same time wanting it ALL!

The first place I headed for was the Art Impressions booth 2123 and got to meet Kendra and Phil. Bonnie was talking with a customer so I came back later and met her face to face. She really is an amazing woman. We will be here for 2 more days so I will be going back there again.

The next stop was....Tim Holtz Ideaology booth and he was signing autographs and the line was short. Before I knew it I was up there and he was asking me my name.  The girl behind me in line took a couple of pictures with my camera but I have no way to download and post them here. I will be doing that this coming weekend.

Just a note that I saw other friends on the convention floor, Colleen Schaan, Sally McDonald, and Suzanne Dean.  Not such a strange place when you see good people like that. now I have to tell you a funny.  After the session ended today Micki wanted to go get a Chicago hotdog at a restaurant called Protillo's.  We put the address into the Prius and it told us to get on the toll road.  We drove on the toll road and the gps told us to immediately exit ($.80 please).  We paid the toll and exited and the gps then told us to get back on the toll road going in another direction.  LESSON LEARNED:  Use the gps app that says "don't allow toll roads".  When we eliminated the toll road it then directed us on a side street right back to the convention site and our hotel.  The restaurant was in the opposite direction and only 4 miles away instead of the 8 original miles.  The restaurant was great and worth the hassle. Pictures coming soon.

Well...this puppy is tired and I need lots of rest for another long day....of fun!
G'nite friends.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Adventures at CHA

Hello from Chicago...what a trip! Tomorrow the convention officially starts at 10am central time and Micki and I have mapped out our strategy and we will have our running shoes on!  If I am not totally wiped out tomorrow night I will post again.  Meanwhile here is an update of our adventure so far....

Lessons learned from attending CHA or Curses and Blessings!
  1. Forgot to print tickets
  2. Micki thought she left her purse 4 hours back at the Cracker Barrel.
  3. Couldn’t find Micki’s meds.
  4. Micki forgot her toothbrush.
  5. Parking ticket wasn’t validated correctly.
  6. Micki didn’t have her phone charger.
  7. Mary lost her cell phone.
  8. Micki forgot camera battery.
  9. Extension cord needed was too old to work.
  10. Mary dragged satellite radio antenna out of the car and Micki drove off not realizing it.

  1. Tickets got printed in Wisconsin thanks to Russell faxing them.
  2. Purse was found under my feet in the back seat.
  3. Meds were found in Micki’s backpack.
  4. Toothbrush purchased at Walmart.
  5. Returned to Hotel lobby to have parking ticket validated correctly.
  6. Purchased new phone charger at Walmart.
  7. Good Samaritan turned in phone…praise the Lord!
  8. Mary had camera that Micki could use.
  9. Learned to bring a better extension cord.
  10. Satellite antenna had strong magnet and attached itself outside of door. No damage done.

Convention starts tomorrow…..stay tuned.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pretty Woman

Good morning from Wisconsin.  Micki and I arrived here yesterday to bring her mother home.  On Sunday we will be leaving for Chicago to attend CHA, and in case you don't know what CHA is, it stands for Craft and Hobby Association and on Monday 3 days of fun begin. It is the summer trade show and the showing of all the new products. Hope my feet hold up....I understand it is HUGE and overwhelming for the novice.... my posting.  Micki took the picture...didn't she do a great job!  Don't tell her but I think I will have her take pictures of all my cards in the future.  And btw, when she gets her shop opened, she will be doing that photography for anyone! 
This card will be submitted on the Art Impressions blog next Wednesday for the next challenge...stitching. The first layer of paper was stitched to the base card.  I used Spellbinders label One behind the Lady.  The image(Art Impressions "Lady" P-2147 was colored with Copics (E000, E02, R02, E25, E19, BG0000, BG02, BG04).  The ribbon is Hug Snug seem binding from Zipperstop and colored with a spritz combo of distress ink refill and pearl ex.  Tim Holtz used this as ribbon and colored it with distress ink and it works great.  It is also CHEAP! 100 yards on a spool and I think it costs about $12.  I called them to order it and they were very friendly and very quick on delivery.  I also used a Martha Steward punch.  Sorry but all those exact items I used are at home and I am not.  Leave a comment if you would like more details on how I did this card.  Hope you like it and everyone have a great day!

Thursday, July 14, 2011



I've got a bonus posting for you today.  This is a stamp that I worked on at our workshop at Powdersville Community church.  I came home tonight and made it into a card.  This image is a Loralie Designs stamp.
When "Easy as Cat Soup" opens in August she will be carrying stamps from this company.  I have a couple more images I will be posting in the future.  This coming Saturday I will be leaving for Chicago to attend CHA.  I am taking my laptop so hope to post from there each day... filling you in with the new products I see and celeb's I hope to meet.  Later....


Stamp:  Loralie “Lala” 701030
             Stampabilities "A Smile" ER1095
Copic Markers:
Skin: E000
Hair:  Y00
Suit:  R22
Spellbinders Label 1
Paper:  Lemonade  (Strawberry Patch) by Basic Gray

Ribbon was a solid red and I used BV04 to color dots on the ribbon to match the one in Lala's hair.

Water color Barn

Water Color Barn

It was learning how to water color using Art Impression stamps that took my card making to a new level.  I discovered that I could use these stamps to create not just cards but small pieces that looked like art….and so easily. I love using the individual stamps to create multiple scenes.  We all need value for our purchases.
If you have not tried this technique I encourage you to do so.  The stamps are now available in sets and Bonnie has produced a DVD that actually works with each of the 3 sets allowing you to create so many different scenes….and that is just the beginning. If you have watched her water color on utube you know how easy she makes it to follow step by step.  Whether you purchase the DVD or not I would advise you to buy the water color pamphlets that are available.  There you will find easy step by step instruction giving you everything you need to know to make your own scenes.  So what are you waiting for….…
I appreciate any comments or questions. Happy Stamping!

Art Impressions Water Color Barn Q-2311                              Marvy Markers:
                                                                                                #40, 86, 45, 93, 28, 15, 43, 8
Art Impressions Leaves A-893                                                 Paint Brush Round #5 or #6
Art Impressions Small Grass Clump AAA-1378                       Palette
Art Impressions Water Color Wagon J-2418                        
Art Impressions Water Color Planter C-2454
Art Impressions Tiny Grass AA-1374
Art Impressions Tall Grass AA-1370
Art Impressions Salvia B-2432
Art Impressions Stalks BB-2055
Art Impressions Tiny Flowers AA-1368

Monday, July 11, 2011

Strut your Stuff

 Well guess you figured I had given up posting on this blog!  Just was way too busy.  We moved out of the RV we had lived in for the past 5 years and I got to get all our possessions out of storage.Five years is a long time and it was like Christmas around here, every box I opened I was saying, "Wow, I forgot I had THAT!"
We got most everything moved in a week thanks to some good friends and a grandson, Nick, who all put up with monstrous heat temperatures to get everything loaded, unloaded and even had help unpacking. My good friend Micki even helped get my kitchen together. The worst part was that at the end of that week my husband left for 2 weeks for a job in Montana. Everything is beginning to get settled and I am sure enjoying our new home.
Today I took a break from boxes and made this card. It is a card that will be posted for the upcoming challenge on the Art Impressions blog.  It was nice to get back to creating and playing once more. I love my new stamp room and when it's finished I will post some pictures.


Strut Your Stuff

Art Impressions “Strut Your Stuff” F1861
Art Impressions “Rhode Island Rockettes” U1832
Ink:  Momento Tuxedo Black
         Tim Holtz Distress Ink Peeled Paint
Copic Markers:
R35, R39, YR02, YR09, W1, BG000, G20, G21, G24
Punch:  Fiskers Grass border punch