Sunday, February 12, 2012


Dear Blogger friends, today I intended to work on Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas 2011.  Instead I got side tracked when I went to pull out the distress stain that I needed for Tag #2.  I decided to share my project with you and maybe it would help you, too.
Recently I had completed the line of Tim Holtz' Distress Stains,  of which there are 37 different colors. I store all of them in a plastic container.  I want to be able to pick them all up at once and my shelf space is limited so I am not able to store them so I can see the labels.
When I realized that I had to search thru each one to find the one I needed I decided I had to have a solution.

1. First I put all the stains in alphabetical order.
2. Using a sheet of address labels I briefly identified each stain color on the sheet of labels...2 colors per label.
3. Place a nickle size dot of each stain next to it's identification.
4. Use a 1/4" round punch to punch out each stain and place on top of corresponding bottle of stain.

Here are some pictures of my progress:

Creating a color sheet

True stain colors on lids

I think this will help me to identify the stain I need in the future.  Let me know if this has helped you.  I have other organizing tricks I could share if you would be interested.  Leave me a comment if you would like more of posts like this.


  1. Cool idea! What do you use the stains on, Mary? I haven't bought any yet. Was wondering how I might use them.

    1. I love the creativity of Tim Holtz and he has a video at this link using the distress stains. I have used it making tags but it is a stain and not ink or paint. Where ever you want to add color but be able to see thru it the stain is what you want. I have helped distress a screen door using multiple colors of stain. Here is the link:
      Hope this helped.

  2. Clever idea! I need to do this. TFS


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