Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Art Impressions Chocolate Shoppe

Good evening blogger friends! The Chocolate Shoppe card is finally finished.  This stamp set has an outside/inside stamps so I had to figure out how I was going to engineer this card.  After a couple of failures I finally decided on this keeper.  I used the Swing card which makes it easy to see both the outside and inside. I hope the scans I made will show this card.
This is got to be a record for the number of Copic markers I used for a single card but because of the stamps used, I felt that many was required to get the shading I like. You can reduce the number of markers by using 2 colors instead of 3 for shading. Just make sure that you choose the markers that give you a greater contrast for blending. Also, remember that Copic markers are translucent and you can layer to get a darker shade.  I hope I haven't made this too confusing.  Any questions, pro or con, please leave comments.  I am no expert by any means....Thanks for looking.

Folded front

Opened panels showing inside card

Reverse of inside
Swing Card Pattern


  1. Oh wow.... your blog is gorgeous! I came here via the a link on a comment from the copic facebook site ;-) Beautiful work!

    xx Tessa
    (the Netherlands)

  2. Welcome to my blog Tessa! So nice to know I have a friend in the Netherlands! Thank you for those kind comments.


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