Thursday, July 21, 2011

On the road again....or another day of curses and BLESSINGS!

We started our day at 6am after having 4 hours of sleep.  Had to load up our stuff in the car, lots of stuff, but got everything done in an hour so we had a leisurely breakfast in the hotel lobby waiting for the shuttle to the convention.  Micki and I were the first ones on so we got the two seats up front on the opposite side of the bus driver.
The next stop was the Intercontinental Hotel to pick up other convention Cha goers.  The bus driver slowed down, had his turn signal on to turn right into the hotel and in a split second there was this horrible sqreeching noise. It was then I noticed a white wall flying past us on the right side.  It was a delivery truck and it was forced to go up on the curb and across the front of the bus to the right.  Yep...we had just been in a bus accident! Micki was sitting next to the window and it passed her on the outside with just inches to spare.  My right ear took a couple of hours to return to normal. They got another shuttle to take us on to the convention.  No one had been injured and that was a blessing. Micki took pictures of the bus and I will post them either Friday night or Saturday.
We had a busy next few hours placing orders, taking pictures and trying to look at as much merchandise as we could. Lunches there (and who has time to leave) are very high priced. Sandwich, chips and a cold drink will run you $12 each. The afternoon was just as busy and I would snatch times to sit down and put my feet up.  The Art Impressions booth had a nice area for us to sit at tables and have a snack and rest our feet.  It was during one of those "resting" times that I noticed Colleen Schaan at the AI booth so I went over to say hi. I was introduced to the editor of Card Maker magazine. And guess what....she wants me to send her some of my stuff to publish! I about melted right there on the floor!!  So we will see what happens. Bonnie (Art Impressions owner) told me that they want to feature the Art Impressions line. Now that is a big Blessing!
Micki placed some more orders with product lines some of which you will be familiar with and some you won't but let me tell you that you will love them ALL!
Oh, not to be a name dropper but Micki got to get Tim's autograph and picture. Then she got to do a sample chart of Claudine Helmuth's product so I got Micki's picture with Claudine. Oh, almost forgot, Micki said that Marianne Walker took her order for the Shapes and Shadows Copic book.  We finished out the day back at the Art Impressions booth where Micki was able to pick up some stamps at a really good price and so did I. What a joy it was to get to meet the Kreb's family. They are all just the best and greatest and I want to thank them for all the kindness they showed this grandma at her first Cha.
We are out of Chicago and spending the night at a Comfort Suite...South Carolina we will be back soon!
G'nite my friends!! What-A-Day!!!


  1. Mary, sounds like you have had a memorable CHA visit. That's good.I am so envious of you.CHA is so cool, it's like being a kid in a candy store. Wish I had been there too.

  2. Sounds like you had a fabulous time at CHA. Can't wait to see your pictures. Hope you have a safe trip back to SC.

  3. I say 'ditto' to Barbara....we are sure that you are having a ball!! Would love to see you when you come back..I will be in S.C. soon.


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