Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Adventures at CHA day 2

What an exciting day!  From the crowds waiting for the convention to open and then squeezing thru the entrance like pouring thru a funnel to seeing two Scottish gentlemen in kilts we started the day off in total awe.  Micki and I split up so she could talk to vendors and place orders and I scoped out every vendor I could get to, picking up catalogs, freebes, and doing make and takes.  The convention floor is nothing like I have ever seen even after years of attending scrapbook/stamping conventions. All the displays were so inspiring and yes, I was walking around drooling. Now remember this is a trade show so I personally could buy NOTHING...and at the same time wanting it ALL!

The first place I headed for was the Art Impressions booth 2123 and got to meet Kendra and Phil. Bonnie was talking with a customer so I came back later and met her face to face. She really is an amazing woman. We will be here for 2 more days so I will be going back there again.

The next stop was....Tim Holtz Ideaology booth and he was signing autographs and the line was short. Before I knew it I was up there and he was asking me my name.  The girl behind me in line took a couple of pictures with my camera but I have no way to download and post them here. I will be doing that this coming weekend.

Just a note that I saw other friends on the convention floor, Colleen Schaan, Sally McDonald, and Suzanne Dean.  Not such a strange place when you see good people like that. now I have to tell you a funny.  After the session ended today Micki wanted to go get a Chicago hotdog at a restaurant called Protillo's.  We put the address into the Prius and it told us to get on the toll road.  We drove on the toll road and the gps told us to immediately exit ($.80 please).  We paid the toll and exited and the gps then told us to get back on the toll road going in another direction.  LESSON LEARNED:  Use the gps app that says "don't allow toll roads".  When we eliminated the toll road it then directed us on a side street right back to the convention site and our hotel.  The restaurant was in the opposite direction and only 4 miles away instead of the 8 original miles.  The restaurant was great and worth the hassle. Pictures coming soon.

Well...this puppy is tired and I need lots of rest for another long day....of fun!
G'nite friends.

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  1. I am really loving your narrative on the CHA trip. We all envy you and Micki the opportunity to be there. You are waaaay to good of a story teller, now you just have to get pictures posted. Is Micki having as good a time as you? We hope she gets in with some great vendors to stock the new store. Take care of yourself and pace yourself, we do not wanting you to get too worn out while there, we need you to be here and treat us all to what you learned. Love and Miss you.


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