Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another day at CHA (3)

I am so tired I could sleep standing up! Can't tell you how many miles I have walked on the convention floor and all we hear from the experienced Cha attendees is  how much smaller this convention is compared to years past.  Believe me if this is small I sure don't want to see big.
Micki and I have been up late every night, going thru catalogs and making decisions on what to order. With a whole store to fill (2600 sq. ft.) it is a majorly overwhelming task.  This afternoon Micki closed an order for card stock and specialty paper...250 different ones.  Right now we are looking at Hot Off the Press, Ranger, Heidi Swapp, Little Yellow Bicyle, Canvas Home Basics, Tim Holtz, Just Rite, Graphic 45, Art Impressions, May Arts ribbon, October Afternoon, Plus Corporation (adhesive), Candy Dots, Flower Soft, Heartfelt Creations, Art-C, Purrs and Pants and on and on. You get the idea.  So many to choose from and all the displays are AMAZING!
There are drawings going on all the time...too many to enter for this novice. Make and takes and mini-classes happening all day long at different booths. Trade shows sure are different from the usual conventions I have ever been. Here they practically pull you in to their booth to make deals. You really have to be johnny-on-the-spot to get the freebies. I guess my best freebie was two Tim Holtz aprons.  Went back this morning to try and get more and they were all gone.
Micki has been busy attending marketing and business classes, networking with other experienced and novice store owners and in her spare time meeting with vendors and representatives. We are trying to take small bites of this Big apple but it is so easy to find yourself overwhelmed and head swimming.  I guess my highlight of the day was to spend time visiting with Marianne Walker at the Copic's booth. Speaking of copics, Micki got an email that her huge Copic order and special display has been shipped! Woo hooooo.  It's coming together girls!!
Tomorrow we have to be at the doors of the convention earlier. They open at 9am and close at 4pm.  We have mapped out where we need to go first and who goes where. I knew I should of worn roller skates!!!
Sorry about the long wait on pictures but we will be home Friday night for sure.  We are checking out of the hotel in the morning and then taking the shuttle from the hotel to the convention center.  We should be heading south before 5:00. Hoping and praying that we have done all we could possibly do.
Things are going well at home at the store and the plumber has been there installing a second bathroom (required by code) Russell has installed more slat board and lights. When we get back we will have to hit the floor running to finish decorating and inventorying and putting out product as it comes in.  The cash register is in place, AC is working great, the broken closer on the front door has been repaired. Lots of cleaning and painting was done before we left and the gondolas and paper racks were in put place. Lots and lots going on and hopefully it will all come together the first part of August.
No calamities to report today. It's a wonder because we are both brain dead.  Last day tomorrow.... g'nite.

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