Monday, July 18, 2011

Adventures at CHA

Hello from Chicago...what a trip! Tomorrow the convention officially starts at 10am central time and Micki and I have mapped out our strategy and we will have our running shoes on!  If I am not totally wiped out tomorrow night I will post again.  Meanwhile here is an update of our adventure so far....

Lessons learned from attending CHA or Curses and Blessings!
  1. Forgot to print tickets
  2. Micki thought she left her purse 4 hours back at the Cracker Barrel.
  3. Couldn’t find Micki’s meds.
  4. Micki forgot her toothbrush.
  5. Parking ticket wasn’t validated correctly.
  6. Micki didn’t have her phone charger.
  7. Mary lost her cell phone.
  8. Micki forgot camera battery.
  9. Extension cord needed was too old to work.
  10. Mary dragged satellite radio antenna out of the car and Micki drove off not realizing it.

  1. Tickets got printed in Wisconsin thanks to Russell faxing them.
  2. Purse was found under my feet in the back seat.
  3. Meds were found in Micki’s backpack.
  4. Toothbrush purchased at Walmart.
  5. Returned to Hotel lobby to have parking ticket validated correctly.
  6. Purchased new phone charger at Walmart.
  7. Good Samaritan turned in phone…praise the Lord!
  8. Mary had camera that Micki could use.
  9. Learned to bring a better extension cord.
  10. Satellite antenna had strong magnet and attached itself outside of door. No damage done.

Convention starts tomorrow…..stay tuned.


  1. Glad that you both are having such an exciting time in Chicago. Better luck tomorrow at CHA...

  2. You two together are Murphy's law doubled!! Have fun but remember you are there to work not drool.


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