Monday, April 25, 2011

Tilda on a stack of Books

As you can tell I had some extra time over the weekend and got some images colored that I have intended to do for awhile.  This one is two Magnolia stamps.  I stamped Tilda first, made a mask, and then placed the mask over the stamped image of Tilda. I then stamped the stack of books and she then appears to be sitting on the stack of books.  If you have any questions about masking just leave a comment and I will respond.

Tilda sitting on a stack of books
Stamps:  Magnolia "Books with wrappers"
              Magnolia "Tilda writing diary"
Copic Markers:
Books: B0000, B21, B24, B60, B63, B66,
             Y11, Y13,Y17, W3
Skin:  E0000, E01,R02
Hair:  E31, E25, E29
Dress:  R81, R83, R85


  1. Hi Mary;
    Great coloring on the image. Can't wait to see what the card looks like. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a GREAT DAY!!!
    Bob L.

  2. Hi Lady,
    Tell me about how you mask. I'm not sure that I am doing it right. Hope to see you soon. Thinking about taking your class in May (greenwood). Take care my friend.



  3. Chris,
    Be glad to help. I use masking paper which you can purchase by the sheet or by the roll. It is white (usually) on one side and sticky on the other. It's removable so it can be used over and over again. Stamp the image to be masked on the masking paper (in this case Sitting Tilda) and trim it out just outside the stamping line. Place the prepared masked image over the stamped and colored image on your cardstock. Then stamp the image to appear behind the masked image directly over the mask (in this case the stack of books). Next remove the mask and WA LA Tilda appears to be sitting on the stack of books. Simple, right? Hope this helps...if this isn't clear let me know.

  4. Mary, She turned out so cute. You are my inspiration.

  5. Thanks, Queen of nanas! You aren't so bad yourself. You need to start your own blog. I can help you if you want. Your images, coloring and cards are need to share.


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