Monday, April 25, 2011

Pansy Bunny

This is a Penny Black "slapstick" stamp that I worked on last Thursday at our Laughing Stampers group. Finished it up this past weekend.
Stamp:  Penny Black "pansy bunny" 40-066
Flower Pot: YR12, YR14, YR18
Pansy:  BV13, BV12, BV17, Y13, Y17
Leaves:  G20, G24, G28
Bunny:  W00, W1, W3, W4, R20

When doing this image I had one of my gray markers spring a leak and made a gray circle over the bunny's face.  In case this ever happens to you this is what needs to be done.  You remove both caps from the markers, holding it horizontal for a few seconds, and let it repressurize (balance out) between the two tips.  Then I took my colorless blender (remember this is a color remover...not so much a blender) and I removed as much of the "gray blob" as I could.
 I also made another mistake....I colored the bunny's paw on the because I thought it was a leaf. Goofy out came my colorless blender AGAIN, removed the green and then colored the paw gray.  Now take a good look (click on image to enlarge) and tell me if you can see my mistakes?

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  1. If I enlarge the bunny, I 'think' I can see where the green might have been on his left paw. Just looks like a shadow, and enhances the coloring. Great job, as usual. TFS.


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