Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Enchanting Manor from A Stroll Down Main Street

Good morning bloggers!
This morning I am posting the steps to create the Enchanting Manor, part of a newly released water color project from Art Impressions "A Stroll Down Main Street". I use Marvy Markers and 140# water color papers on all these projects.
Supplies:  #4 watercolor brush, palette, stamp positioner, masque pen, Marvy Uchida watercolor LePlume Markers: #8, 15, 17, 20, 29, 40, 43, 45, 72, 86, 96, 100, 101

Step 1a: Ink I-4030, Enchanting Manor and G-4032 Quaint Picket fence using #40.  Ink G-4028 Ornate Lamp Post using #45.  Using a damp brush, carefully pull the color out of the lines.
Step 1b:  Using the Masque Pen or masking fluid cover the entire fence are and make dots along the side of the Manor and in front of fence to protect areas from color. Set aside and allow to dry completely.  Color back of E-3381, Small Hanging Basket using colors #8, 15, 20 and 43. I didn't need a positioner as I was using unmounted stamps available from Art Impressions. Hang flower basket from lamp post. With a damp brush and light tapping motion blend colors gently.  Brush color to Manor from palette using #96 and water for the roof. Use a mix of #29 and #86 with water for the windows and door. (Note: frames for windows are created by adding color to windows and leaving white space.)Brush color to chimney using #45 from palette.
Step 2a:  Mix water and #15 on palette and brush on "green cloud" around Manor, lamp post and fence where greenery will be added later.
Step 2b:  Ink AA-1366 Leaves (single leaf stamp)using #8 and stamp as shown. Soften with damp brush.  Ink F-2055 Branches using #72 and stamp next to Manor over the Masque Pen dots.  (Be sure to allow time for ink to absorb to the paper when doing this) Blend and soften with damp brush.
Step 3a:  Ink A-893 Leaves using #72. Stamp as shown around Manor and fence.
Step 3b:  When ink is dry rub off all Masking fluid to reveal white areas
Step 4:  Mix #20 and a small amount of water on palette (the more water the lighter the color) Brush on color to white patches to create pink roses on bush and in front of fence line.  Begin with a light pink and then add a darker center to the roses.  Ink Jumbo Grass D-3010 using #15 and stamp around lamp post. Ink Teeny Tiny Grass AAA-1374 using #15 and stamp along front of fence. Soften with damp brush.  Mix #45 with water on palette and brush in street.  Mix #86 and water and lightly brush on color to sides of Picket fence panels.
Well this was a long post.  Took me almost 2 hours just to upload and add text.  I think I need a nap! I hope this helps in someway.  If you would like more instruction come see me at The Mercantile in Pendleton, SC
I will be teaching A Stroll Down Main Street during the month of March. Art Impressions products are available there. Happy Stamping!!


  1. Hi Mary; You are enabling me to buy new stamps. Now I have to buy these. I'll tell my wife it's your fault. lol This line of stamps look very interesting. Thanks for sharing and welcome back.
    Have a GREAT DAY!!!
    Bob L.

  2. Mary, Terri has added a link to your blog on the web site, and I added one on the store's blog.
    Thank you for coming to us and sharing your creativity and enthusiasm! I will also post a link on our facebook page.
    Sorry I'll miss you today (my day off this week), but I know I don't have to tell you to have fun... you always do!

  3. Can't wait to take this class with you at the new store. As always, fantastic work!


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