Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry me!

Just had to write a short note here.  I got a Christmas surprise last night.  Yesterday afternoon my husband got a phone call and when he hung up he wouldn't tell me what it was about...just that we would be going somewhere later and it was a surprise....don't you just hate that! I want to know everything and right now...but I was patient and finally about 6:20 we got ready to leave.  I felt like a kid..."where are we going?" "How long will it take to get there?". If you know my husband, he is a man of few...very few words. He was known as Clam, jr. in his family because he was just like his dad. Neither of them talked much.

It wasn't long before I knew where we going.  Our church is at the end of a road.  As we got closer I thought, "a Sunday school party at the church"....Well that thought didn't last long as the church was all dark; as was the parking lot. Then I could faintly see one was my friends Micki and Russell. Now I was suspicious. Why all the secrecy if we were just meeting them to go to dinner and why at the church. David pulled into the parking space facing the church...and as the car lights shown on the door of the church, low it appeared!!

A new cabinet for storing our supplies for our Thursday group was sitting in front of the doors of the church with ribbon on the handles!! Y E A H!!! Now I don't have to pack up from home, unload at the church, at the end of the day pack up and load the car again and then unload when I get home!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Micki and Russell.  Merry Christmas everyone. Hope your Christmas is full of fun, surprises and good times with friends and family.

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  1. What a wonderful Merry Christmas present. I know you can hardly wait to fill it with all your special stuff, I can hardly wait to see it also. Merry Christmas to you and David.


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