Monday, April 9, 2012

Operation Write Home

I made my first card for Operation Write Home tonight.  The stamps I had ordered from StampersBest came in the mail this afternoon and I couldn't wait to make the card. I couldn't help but think about the soldier who will receive my card, what will he/she think of it and who will he/she send it to?
We have family in the military.  My grandson was a Marine MP and did a tour in Afghanistan.  Our daughter went to Kuwait during desert storm, she was a Lt. in the Army and a nurse.  She recently reenlisted but into the Air Force and is now a Lt. Colonel and a nurse practitioner.  Her youngest son just signed up with the Navy.
So here is my first attempt at "Giving Back".....



Back with OWH stamp
"Thank you for your service"
Stamps:  Stampers Best "Band of Brothers"
              Stampers Best "True Soldier"
              OPWH Logos Set
Ink:  Tim Holtz Distress Ink Forest Moss


  1. Hi Mary! I love the card :) And I'm so glad you're part of OWH! :) :) :)

    1. Thanks so much Sandy! Got lots of interest in OWH. The stamp group I meet with on Thursdays are excited about this in fact we worked on OWH cards last Thursday and they took some home to work on. The Mercantile store ( wants to do a week of having customers come in to make cards for OWH and do a small donation for OWH at the same time during the last week in May in conjunction with Memorial Day. Plus a little birdi told me we will have more than OWH in common! Yeaaa!


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