Monday, April 9, 2012

Eclipse certification

I heard from Ellison Corporation this evening about being certified with the Eclipse.  What an opportunity! I will have to send them a resume but I don't see a problem.  I can fly to California for the class or more likely wait until July and make plans to go to CHA in Chicago.  They will be offering the certification class then. The Mercantile will  help me get application for CHA as that is the store where I will be teaching and demo'ing the Eclipse. Terri or Cindy owners of the Mercantile will go with me and get their certification. Looks like a fun and exciting summer ahead!
Sizzix Eclipse

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  1. Way to GO! I can see it now...and what fun you will have. Can't think of anyone better to do this. Congratulations and all that. Very proud of you.


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