Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Altered Book "Caribbean"

Today was spent working on a 2 page spread for Altered Book Club that meets this Saturday. Don't you love deadlines! Sure gets you motivated!!  This was my only day this week when I had the time to be creative and time to finish the project.  Since it is still daylight and not the midnight hour (my usual time to work) I thought I would share today's accomplishments.  Something different from the usual fare found here on my blog.


  1. As you know, I dont 'do altered stuff'...but...this is just beautiful. The lady looking seaward, the pearls....I especially love that poem, and it all just fits together so well. Per usual...good job. TFS

  2. Thank you for your comments...I was going for a "feel" or "impression" rather than showing any artistic ability as you can tell. I pulled out a variety of items that I thought went together not knowing what I was going to do. First I glued several pages together 3 on one side and 3 on the other to give it stability. Then I used Claudine hellmuth's Studio acrylic paint picking 3 colors, deep blue for the sky and blue green for the water and tan for the sand. I decided on waves (not very good ones) and then some storm clouds all based on the lady (which are 3 decorative emery boards), decided she needed something to be looking at (ship). The flowers were another element I had picked out earlier as well as the pearls. I did a search on the internet for the poem which is only an excerpt. Called it finished. It just fell preplanning.

  3. Pretty darned good AND artistic looking - for no pre-planning! The emory boards are amazing. Would never have guessed what this was. Think your waves look just fine.


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