Sunday, March 18, 2012

Monochromatic card

Since I was not able to sleep last night (another night of thunderstorms and a dog who goes bonkers when it rains) it was the perfect opportunity to work on my blog assignment for Art Impressions....due on Wednesday. This week the challenge is "monochromatic"...all one color/shade.  I chose this potted daisies Art Impressions stamp (of course) and picked violet as a color I felt would work best. (My favorite is blue/green but I had done that before).   I liked the calmness that violet and blue violet created. I should add that in order to create the background, I used a watercolor trick and created a mask with masking paper, then completed drawing in the "wallpaper" with copic marker and ruler. The masking made it easier for me not to have to worry about making a line in the wrong place. Leave me a comment if you need more information on masking. Be glad to help....

Monochromatic card
Stamp:  Art Impressions TC Pot of Daisies (Sku#M2608)
Ink:  Memento Tuxedo Black
Punch:  Martha Stewart Eyelet Lace PATP 42-60013
Copic Markers:
V12, V15, V17, BV000, BV02, BV25, BV29, V91
Bazzil Paper: Heidi, Jubilee, Velvet


  1. Oh very impressive. Yes, I DO need more info on the masking. Loved the wallpaper background. You said you used violet, but on my monitor, it looks a lovely brown. ?Could be my monitor settings? But it is just simply elegant. Like the way you are doing the 'presentations' too.

    1. Masking is very easy. It is sold either in rolls or sheets. It can be bought on line at . This is from their website:

      Eclipse Strips (tm) (6mm 12mm 24mm x 33 feet)
      Code: GP012
      Price: $6.50

      The roll that I have is 6" wide and I prefer that because I can easily mask larger stamps. All I do is tear off the size I need, stamp the image I want to mask on the masking paper and trim out...staying on the outside edge of the stamp lines. The masking paper is a removeable tape so masks can be used over and over. I store the mask either on the top of the wood stamp or keep all masks in a cd case. I hope this helps. This is a video that shows how to make a mask but it is using a Frisket product. The directions are very similiar:
      I asked my inhouse computer expert and he said that the color issue is most likely the settings on your computer. It shows up on my computer in the original color.


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