Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's in the mail!

Us Copic-holics are always looking for a better and more convenient way to carry our stash of markers, especially if you already have them all and can't leave home without them, like me. Well, I found my solution at And true to Rusty's customer service it is already in the mail!
Here is what is coming: (copied from the Oozak website)

COPIC Carrying Case

Finally, Copic developed a perfect solution. This soft-sided carry case is sturdy, with reinforced sides,
yet holds the markers compactly. The COPIC team filled one of these cases and started turning it
upside down, shaking it, tossing it around, and it held all the markers in place nicely! In fact, the
Copic carry case can hold up to 380 Sketch markers...that means your entire collection, plus room
for a few of your favorite inks or other pens. The markers sit in six removable mesh cups that allow
you to hold Sketch, Ciao, Copics, Inks or Wide markers with ease. So, if you like to take ALL your
markers with you, then this is going to be your best, compact solution. The top zipper closure and
shoulder strap make transporting your Copic collection a breeze.

Marianne Walker says "I can't tell you how excited I was, yet, I didn't like the idea of having my
markers unorganized in little cups, so I thought of another solution. If you already have your markers
in the plastic marker cases, and you only have a couple hundred markers, not the full collection, you
can just pull out the carry pouches and it will easily hold your existing plastic cases. I like this because
my markers live on my desk in plastic cases but if I want to take some somewhere, then I don't have
to un-organize them and put them in the cups if I don't want to. If you use 36 pc. plastic cases (like I
did for this photo), you can hold 288 markers. Not bad! Otherwise, it holds 3 of the 72pc. cases, with
spare room on the sides for other tools.
"Weight: 3.5 pounds; Dimensions: 16.5" x 10" x 7.5"

(from website)

I store my markers in the plastic display case and the measurement of the
display case is 16" x 10" x 6". I am hoping that the dimensions given are
accurate and transporting my markers will be so much easier and less
likely to spill and cause me time putting them back in order. I will let you
know if my new purchase works! To be continued.....

Update:  Well my plastic display case was the right measurement but I
 didn't figure in that they rounded the corners on the case so it didn't work.
I don't mind the cloth bags to sort the colors but they are not in order so I
had to give that up for the ease of carrying all my markers.  Conclusion:
I really like the bag.  It is confortable on my shoulder and lets me have both
hands free.

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  1. I'll be very interested in knowing how you like this. Mine are in wallets, in the big rolling case, and a pain to transport.


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