Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fred B. Mullett

Welcome to my blog...Oldie But Goodie bloghoppers!  Have you ever purchased a stamp because you absolutely love it so much that it is put aside and never gets inked? Well that is the thought behind the OBG bloghop.....and I dug out a oldie/goodie for the occasion.
Let me introduce you to Fred B. Mullett (yes that is his real name and a real person).  I first became aware of this artist in 2001 when attending a convention called The Creative Palette in St.Mary's, Ga. Mr. Mullett started stamping by taking actual natural items found on walks and around the yard, inking them up and stamping an image.  I must explain that Mr.Mullett does not refer to this art as rubber stamping, but I quote from his website,  " tactilely interactive vulcanized tools for the replication of graphic imagery".  I loved these stamps the first time I saw them but have only managed to collect two of them, both of which I use here...two fish. 
(Your next stop is Cindy Grigiski Complete hop is listed below) Happy Hopping!

Fred B. Mullett 003 Pompano
Fred B. Mullett 061 Garibaldi
Great Impressions  D391 On the Sand
Great Impressions H181 Seaweed
Great Impressions H200 Water Swirl Border

Archival Jet Black
Archival Coffee

Marvy Brilliant Yellow 43
Marvy Olive Green 15
Marvy Sepia 45
Marvy Terra cotta 88
Marvy Pine Green 72

Stamp positioner
Mist bottle
paint brush #5
water bottle
water color paper 120#

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  1. Mr. Mullet can call it whatever he wants but it is still a great medium for creating cardsand yours is fabulous. Thnks for playing this month

  2. Hi Mary!'s so neat to learn about other artists and their creations. This is a beautiful creation! I love the fish. I think they look gorgeous. I love the subtle changes in color and how they blend so beautifully together. Thank you for sharing them with us today. :)

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