Saturday, June 4, 2011

Copic Altered Art/Mixed Media class in Indianapolis

All I can say is I am plum worn out to a frazzel!  But, it was the most fun, awesome day, and fab classes! Love the Hilton Hotel here. Super nice. We got a suite, large rooms, and we are on the 16th floor. Great view of the city.  I've been very impressed with this place, people friendly and the streets are very clean.  We have felt safe and the accommodations are exceptional.
But, back to the classes...oh my gosh! We did so much my head was spinning.  Covered a lot of different techniques

  • Layered Backgrounds:  Monoprinting, Drop and Spread, Painted Inks
  • Found Object Resist
  • Colorizing Transfers: Magazine transfer, Laser Printer transfer
  • Working with Heat and Photos (Hot Photos):Photo 1-burned look, Photo 2 - How heat effects patterns
  • Bleaching Photos
  • Magic Textures Image
  • Ink, Paper, Paint - A colorful story (collage on canvas)
  • Copic Ink & Art Dying Fabrics

All this was accomplished from 9am until 5:30pm with an hour for lunch. It was a busy day but so creative and fun.  Can't wait to get home and sort out everything we did and continue to saok it in.
Pictures to come once we get home on Monday.

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