Operation Write Home

 OPW  Operation Write Home

Art Impressions is hosting a blog challenge benefiting Operation Write Home. If you haven't heard of this great organization, they send blank handmade greeting cards to U.S. troops overseas so they can write home to their family and loved ones.
I want to encourage you to create for our troops and send your cards to OWH (East coast, West coast & Midwest shippers HERE)  so they can be forwarded.

Here are the guidelines provided by OWH:
1. No Glitter - It is a safety hazard for our heroes. Read more.
2. A2 Sized Cards Only - 4.25" x 5.5" for easier shipping. Read more.
3. Line Dark Cards with Light Cardstock - If a pencil won't show up, add a lighter sheet inside. Read    more.
4. Limit Multiples - No more than 100 cards. Read more.
5. Any Quantity is okay - One, a bunch, or a box full; however we need quality, not quantity. Read more.
6. SOME lumpiness is okay - Our heroes don't have to pay for letter mail, but that doesn't mean we can go wild with layering and embellishments.
7. DO NOT hand write sentiments - Neither outside or inside. Read more.
8. Use quality supplies - Computer paper, foams, itty bitty stickers and glue sticks don't holdup to the rigors of the battlefront. It's okay to make fewer cards with better supplies - every card counts!
9. Card Themes - Remember who's sending these: adults. No cards to Daddy, no "wish you were here," or party invitations; no explicit images or sentiments.
10. Absolutely no store-bought - Neither complete cards, NOR cards repurposing parts of them. It endangers our trademark. Read more.

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